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I will be offering some of my personal trumpet and cornet colletion up for sale from time to time. Instruments will NOT be restricted to stictly Buescher models. I LOVE Buescher horns, but I tend to try EVERYTHING out and I also like to try my hand a doing some light brass repairs. If you have any questions about a listed item or would like to purchase a listed item, please email me and we can talk terms. I will accept PayPal and will ship to United States address. Prices below DO include Shipping and Handling for lower 48 states.

I also will try and feature sources for various Buescher Parts here - if you have some Buescher trumpet, cornet, or flugelhorn parts you would like me to list here for you, please contact me. ** I take no responsibility for the buying or selling of parts from anybody else other then myself, so buyers and sellers, if you have issues, please don't involve me.



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Buescher Parts

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Trumpet Cornet Flugelhorn

Thumb Screw for Lyre and 3rd slide Finger Ring

Available in:
-Raw Brass
-Lacquered Brass
-Raw Nickel-Silver
-Lacquered Nickel-Silver

Earliest models to the 1950s, possibly the 1960s

Trumpet Cornet Flugelhorn

  Until we find more sources for parts, sometimes your best bet it so buy a 2nd instrument and salvage parts from it, or check with a brass tech that has been around a long time, and last resort would be to seek someone that can manufacture the part for you.