Buescher Bell Logos

In an effort to more easily recognize what era a Buescher trumpet is from, I decided to start tracking what the "bell logo" looked like on horns of all eras. This page is a run down of those Bell Logos and the names I have given them. I have NO CLUE if these Logos already have names associated with them, so if you disagree with what I have named them, please feel free to give me the appropriate name(s).

I will also give a brief description of the trumpet coloring and styling in each era.

The idea for THIS page is really what started me on my journey to create this site. I was first introduced to Buescher Horns in 2011 and I quickly noticed how beautifully their Bell Engravings were. I started gathering pictures of Buescher bell engravings so I could better identify the YEAR of the horn.. little did I realize that Buescher produced MANY models in any given year and some of them had Different Bell Engravings. So my little project of finding (what I thought would be) a dozen bell engravings turned out to be a massive undertaking. I'm STILL finding Bell Engravings I didn't know existed. From that little project I then found myself wanting to find OTHER ways to identify specific Buescher models and years... thus came the MODELS page and the rest of this website.


Picture Nick Name Years Used (that I KNOW of) Known Models Used On

Picture provided by Zachary Kaminski



Late 1800s



Picture provided by Terry McIntosh

"The Buescher"
Flower and Vines
Late 1800s /Early 1900s
Crest with Flower
Double Flower

Picture provided by Ken Bridgeham


Art Deco


LP 237
1938 - 1955
LP 225
Top Hat and Cane
1949 -1955
LP 217 - LP 228
Big B
1939 - 1940
LP 240 - LP 220
Flower and Weaved Oval
Weaved Oval

Picture provided by Michael Bondi

LP 244
Side Scroller
Aristocrat - Super Aristocrat - 400 - Super 400
Top Scroller
Aristocrat - Super Aristocrat - 400 - Super 400


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