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  • True-Tone's Flickr page
  • Robert Anderson's Trumpet / Cornet Page
  • International Trumpet Guild Top 25 Trumpet Resources

    Specialty Shops

    There are plenty of excellent repair shops out there, but if you have a horn that needs some major work, a new coat of lacquer, or needs a full restoration, these are shops I have heard are excellent. I have not personally used ANY of these shops, but they come HIGHLY recomended by many Trumpet players I respect. The links I provide below takes you to each shops REPAIR section.

    Kanstul Musical Instruments - Owned by Zig Kanstul the last plant manger of the F.E. Olds Factory. Located in Anaheim, California.
    GREAT for RELACQUER, REPLATING, rebuilding pistons, dent removal and replacement parts.

    Charlie's Brass Works - Owned by Charlie Melk and located in West Allis, Wisconsin. Charlie can do a COMPLETE RESTORATION if you need it. I have seen pictures of his finished products and they are incredible!

    Green's Buffing and Instrument Repair and his Facebook page - COMPLETE RESTORATION located in Elkhart, Indiana. Tom Green continues to bring new life to old horns.


    So you have a horn and you love it... no other horn is THAT horn. Maybe it's time to personalize that horn with some custom engraving. I know of only a handful of people that can do the job. Or maybe your vintage trumpet's beautiful engraving has been worn down and is barely legible now... a good engraver can retore that original engraving!

    Artistic Engraving - Sherry Huntley used to work for the Selmer company, now she does Restoration engraving and Custom engraving. I personally sent in one of my trumpets to her for some custom engraving and it is fabulous. Located in Granger, Indiana.

    Dumars Engraving and his Facebook Page- Located in Portland, Oregon, Jason Dumars is a sax player that knows the art of engraving. I mean, he KNOWS how to engrave a horn. He does spectacular work and you can even look him up on Youtube and see him using his hand gravers creating a masterpieces out of a tenor sax.

    Tundra Trekers - Michael is a master engraver that came on instrument engraving seen in 2012. Prior to that he had been engraving Guns, Knives, and prettymuch anything made of metal. His custom engravings are incredible. Located in Big Lake, Alaska.

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