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I would LOVE to hear from you if you have pictures, information concerning serial numbers - Buescher history - missing model numbers, or any insights you may have. Once again, I am NOT a Buescher Trumpet Expert (yet). I am a novice attempting to fill the void of missing Buescher Trumpet/Cornet information currently on the internet.

Site Update Information


11/18/2019 -Site deleted by OLD Website Host, new host found and site restored from backup.

12/4/2017 -At long last I have fixed ALL (or maybe most) of this issues from the site migration from 6 months ago. I added a NEWLY found trumpet model... the 222! Check out the link on the Models page to see scans of the flier that I bought on Ebay. Happy 6th Anniversary (2 days late) -- glad to be back up and running again.

Also discovered the 1928 Buescher True Tone Catalog No. 26 on website which let me to the 256 Eb Cornet, the model 7 Flugelhorn, and the Model 258 Slide Cornet (3 more new model for this site!) and refereces to the new models 2xx back to the orginal 1x models. Those are now noted on the models page as "formerly 1x" or whatever the old model was called. And just when I thought I had seen it all, I then discovered the model 218 Herald Trumpet - now added to the Models page as well.

8/27/2016 -Added new pictures of model LP 212 and I added a new page for the LP 212. I also fixed a few things that I had inaccurately put up concerning the LP 212 model and the LP 214 model.

3/4/2016 -Fixes - per Thomas Krueger (AKA VetPsychWars) I made a few changes to the LP 280 Flugelhorn page. I incorrectly listed the year of his Flugel as 1941, when it is indeed from 1939. I also put a side note that the Other flugel on that page beloged ton Nan Abbott who passed away back in 2014.
- The Articles page (for some odd reason) had broken links to ALL the catalogs I had listed there. I don't know how or why, but all those pdf files disappeared from my website. Luckily I had copies on my harddrive. All Catalog links SHOULD work again now.
- Aricles page, I added a new Article on "The Epoch True Tone Cornet in Bb"
- Articles page, I added a few envelopes that Buescher sent out in 1917 and 1924

12/2/2014 -Dang - this year has flown by! HAPPY 3rd Anniversary to the BuescherLoyalist website! Sorry I've been lagging on the updates, rest assured I have been gathering more Buescher Trumpet and Cornet info all year long. Many people from all over the world have contacted me asking questions about vintage Buescher Trumpets... which I did my BEST to answer (thank God for Google Translate!) It seems the word is out and people LOVE the classic Buescher Horns. I myself really enjoy playing my LP 225 and my LP 240 - both excellent horns!

Plans for the year 2015 - to continue to put up MORE model Specific pages, more pictures, an update Buescher Trumpet/Cornet Serial number Database, more Articles... and much much more. This site is a labor of love for me. I really appreciate all the information, emails, and kind words that everyone has given me in the last 3 years.


10/7/2014 -Wow, work and "real life" have kept me busy. Thanks to everyone that has emailed me in the past 6 months. I really appreciate knowing that this site is useful.
I've noticed as I look around the site that some likes are screwed up... the catalog section seems to be completely MISSING some of the PDFs that I KNOW were working when I set them up some months ago. I just fixed the 1935 Buescher Catalog. I need to refind my PDF of the 1939 catalog to fix it....

I have also learned that this website is being blocked on AT&T internet routers. Since I don't have any spare money to invest in this site, I use They allow me to post on the internet for FREE. We it turns out that they occasionally let others hosts sites that don't necessarily agree with AT&T's guidelines, so AT&T has completely blocked ANYTHING from (at least that is what I've gathered in the last week). At work, we use MediaCom for our outside internet... they must route through AT&T as I can no longer access my own website at work. Long term, I may have to move the entire site to another hosting service. So I apologize to anybody that is currently NOT able to access the BuescherLoyalist....

4/22/2014 -Thanks to VetPsychWars I now have a digital copy of the 1930 - 1931 Buescher Trumpet and Cornet Pamplet - it's now availabe on the Articles page

also added in pictures from the 1930-1931 pamplet on models that I had NO pictures of on the Models page - the 212, the 255, and the 262. Expanded a few descriptions on that page as well.

4/21/2014 -Discovered some additional Buescher literature that gave me names on a few cornets and trumpets.. also showed me the following "families" of trumpet offered in 3 different bore sizes (small - med - large):

Symphoic 206 - 216 - 208
Ideal 202 - 212 - 204 ** as of 8/27/2016 I believe this information to possibly be incorrect
Aristocrat 230 - 232 - 234
and spread some light on the 253 cornet model and added the 260 and 255 cornet models to the MODELS page.

Added the 280 Flugel Horn model to the models page and also created the 280 individual Flugel Horn page

4/7/2014 -Discovered another model that wasn't on the site yet... LP 216! I have now added it to the MODELS page. I found this LP 216 on an online auction and I desperately attempted to win it. About 7 other trumpets/cornets went for $50 or less, so I thought I had a GREAT shot at this one. Turns out somebody else had more funds then I did.... it went for over $100. Probably worth it, but I was hoping to get a horn to research for a cheap price. So to the bidder that won this horn, sorry for bidding you up so high, but I REALLY wanted this horn. Drop me a line if you happen to read this... maybe YOU can help me in my research.

3/29/2014 -Made an adjustment on the SERIAL NUMBER page to reflect a longer range for the "The 400" trumpet model.

2/28/2014 -Put my FIRST true Featured Ebay auction on the front page - since AustinCustomBrassLLC quoted some model information directly from the site, I figured they would mind me promoting their sweet model 225 that is on Ebay right now. ;) I've heard only GREAT stuff about Trent Austin and his people at Austin Custom Bras, so I'm sure this will be an incredible instrument.

2/26/2014 -added Google Analytics coding to all pages

1/24/2014 - Added Unknown Epoch (which pictures aren't showing right now - a job to fix tonight) and other early Cornet with a Shepards Crook and Epoch Valve system to the Models page.

- worked on the Bell Logo page this time adding "Top Scroller" and "The Buescher - Flower with Vines" images. Also began inserting some of the models associated with the bell logos. Also added in some addition YEARs produced info.

1/23/2014 - Added an "Early Truetone" Cornet to the Models page and also create an "Early TrueTone" page for it as well.
- Added a 3 new Bell logo to the Bell logo page - "TrueTone" Bell logo (from the Cornet mentioned above) and an Art Deco style logo from the 1930s and a "Scrollwork" (I couldn't think of a better name to call it) bell logo from a mid 1950s LP 244.

-Added an LP 244 page

- updated info on the LP 225 model on the Models page

1/22/2014 - You ever done something so stupid you can hardly admit it to others.... thanx to a Ken1969 on Ebay whom I purchased a GREAT Buescher Lightweight 400 LP 217 from awhile back, I have just learned that I SCREWED UP my own EMAIL address on this page... DOH! I have corrected it now. The email address is (I had inadvertantly forgotten the R in Trumpets in the address... I am so ashamed... I shall now go bury my head in the sand.

1/7/2014 - Added the "FEATURED Buescher Ebay Auction" to the front page - not sure if this will catch on, or if I will continue it, but I am giving it a go... let's see what happens

1/6/2014 - Updated the LINKS page by adding a Specialty Shops section and an Engraver Shop Section

11/22/2013 - Created a page that shows a LEFT HANDED Trumpet, in can be found on the Trumpet Models page

11/21/2013 - Billy Bonanna graciously sent me some picutres of an LP 214 that I just added to the models page. Thanx Billy!
-also update the Main page, added the question "why aren't there other instruments on this site?"


11/13/2013 - Developing the ARTICLES page. I have added many Buescher Catalogs pages here, the 1909, 1930, 1935, 1939, and 1954 Buescher Catalogs all available to be viewed online in PDF format. - Thank You and VetPsychWars for the PDF files!

- Added to the Bell Logo page today as well, have really been slacking on that page. Tons more work to do here, but any update is an improvement.

- Dropped the prices of a few trumpets on the Sales page as well.

10/30/2013 - Discovered an LP 3 Peashooter Trumpet. First time I have run across this model, so I've added it to the Models page.
- also did updates to almost all of the TRUMPET model "Year Produced" range on the models page
- found out a little more about the "American Brand" Sheppard's Crook cornet model from 1910 I added on 10/18. No model number is on it and it is engraved with "American Brand" and then "Buescher" under that. Very interesting instrument, the owner emailed me some additional information that I will include on it.

10/25/2013 - I am finding that Buescher had 2 distinct Model 14 Cornets... so I added a second entry on the models page. The pre-1920s design and the "newer" 1920s design.

10/24/2013 - I created a USER INPUT sheet for the Buescher Trumpet / Cornet Database. That page can be accessed through the newly created "Trumpet Register" page

10/23/2013 - Finally created the "Trumpet Register" page - it provides you with a list of serial number, model numbers/names, and production year of the Buescher Trumpets and Cornets I've run across in the last few years. I'm working on adding the new sidebar link on ALL existing pages
- added a counter to many of the site pages, I have NO clue how many people are visiting me at this point and I would really like to see if anybody actually reads my mindless ramblings.

10/18/2013 - Found another Cornet I'm not familiar with, labeled "Sheppard's Crook Cornet" on the models page. Produced in 1910, this particular model is NOT in the 1909 Buescher Catalog.

10/13/2013 - Found and posted a picture of an LP 266 on the Models page

10/12/2013 - Put 3 more trumpets up on the SALES page.

10/11/2013 - Added 1948 Buescher Price Sheet AND 1938 Buescher Guarentee Card to the ARTICLES Section

10/5/2013 - Added model 16 to the Models page, first time I've seen this one

10/4/2013 - Added an LP 205 Model Page
- Added Pictures of the Windsor Model

10/3/2013 - Made a few updates on the Models page, mostly descriptions and added a header paragraph explaining how to get to the "Specific Models" pages

10/2/2013 - VetPsychWars emailed me a 1930 Buescher Catalog
Added model page for LP 230, 232, and 234

9/27/2013 - Added "loyalist" websites to the Link page

9/26/2013 - Added model LP 253 to the Models page.
Krikies! I discovered I had the wrong email address up on the Sales page... fixed now.

9/25/2013 - Changed and updated the Home page, making it neater and more concise

9/24/2013 - Created Buescer model 240 and 220 pages.

9/23/2013 - Created Buescher model 210 and Models 235 / 236 Custom Built pages.

9/20/2013 - Created Buescher model T160- Super 400 page.

9/16/2013 - Found some Buescher 1934 Catalog scans which led to updated descriptions on the 232, 234, 235, 265, 236, 237, and 238 Models
Added the 230 model and the 262 model.
Many other model descriptions updated via the Buescher 1939 Catalog

9/13/2013 - Added pictures of model 202
Created the Buescher "the 400" 225 Model page - page dedicated specifically to that model. Link can be found here and on the Models page.

9/12/2013 - Added pictures of model 204

4/29/2013 - Added the Epoch 3 cornet to the Models page

Added my first High Rez page - the Epoch 3 Cornet - click on images of the Epoch 3 on the Models page to get to it

Made some changes to the Serial Number page. I wanted to hammer in the fact that the "Built by Buescher" trumpets and cornets do not share the same serial number list as all other Buescher instruments. I've grown tired of seeing "Built by Buescher" cornets and trumpets on ebay and craigslist listed as 1920 when in fact they are most likely late 1940s, 1950s or possibly early 1960s.

- Added the "Elkhart Built by Buescher" cornet Model 56B to the Models page

4/12/2013 - Added the "Elkhart Built by Buescher" cornet Model 57C to the Models page

4/10/2013 - Added the "Elkhart Built by Buescher" trumpet Model 37B to the Models page

4/8/2013 - Added the following models to the MODELS page:
No 12 Transposing Cornet
No 14 Virtuoso Cornet
Updated No 5 Epoch to "True Tone TRUMPET" - was surprised, but this one is classified as a TRUMPET according to Buescher's 1909 Catalog. Added a few more pictures on this one as well.

3/25/2013 - Finally found some pictures of the LP 237 trumpet and LP 245 cornet. They can be seen on the Models page. Also managed to put up a picture of a Super Aristocrat Model T135.

2/15/2013 - Ed Jensen contacted me and send me over some pictures of his 1909 True Tone Number 10 Eb Long Cornet, first time I have seen one of those! Picture added to the Models page.

2/13/2013 - Added another Cornet (unknown model) and links to Axelips pages that I borrowed pictures from (Thanx Axelips!)
-- Added another Model 15 Cornet Picture

2/12/2013 - Revised the description on the Models page to reflect that I have added Cornets to the page (it is NOT just a Trumpet page anymore)

2/11/2013 - Models Page - Added pictures of Cornet 264

2/9/2013 - Models Page Added Pictures of SUPER 400 and Cornet LP 265

2/7/2013 - Models Page - Added a 2nd Epoch Cornet,
Added an LP 275 Cornet with a Shepard's Crook
Added an LP 257 Cornet
found another really old cornet that I added, no clue what model it is yet.

2/6/2013 - Found many more of the models NAMES today. Finally found a picture of the 210 (the one I originally posted was NOT a 210!)

2/5/2013 - Finally found a picture of a Model 5 Epoch Trumpet - Crookneck trumpet!
Also found a few pictures of an Epoch Cornet - very cool all 3 valves are different sizes!
Updated (artistically) a few more of the pictures on the models page
Found a picture for the model 200 - not the best, but something is better than nothing.
Also found some pictures for the T120 Super Aristocrat.
VetPsychWars from TrumpetMasters and TrumpetHerald looked over the Models page and gave me a list of a few things to fix - THANX!

2/4/2013 - MANY more pictures and descriptions/comments added to the Models page.
Added the 234 and 237 models (no pictures yet for 237)
Began Photoshopping a few of the images to lessen the impact of the cruddy backgrounds in some of them. I really like the results.

2/3/2013 - Added more model and pictures on the Models page, started adding in Cornet Models as well!
-Added 206 Model and picture
-Added 214-22 Model and picture
-Added 215 picture
-also added some extra descriptions on a few models

1/1/2013 - Happy New Year! Made some updates to the "Models" page:
-Added 236 Model
-Added 210 model and a picture of it
-Added pictures to the 12 model, the 13 model, and the 217 model
---have been working on a the Buescher Trumpet database, a reference of serial numbers and model numbers, hope to add this to the site in the future.

12/16/2012 - put a few more trumpets up for sale on the Sale Item page

5/21/2012 - Added picture of model LP 8 on the Models page

4/17/2012 -started the Buescher History area with some info I dug up on the internet.

4/3/2012 -created a gmail account to handle all email for this site
- added pictures of LP 220, LP 232, and LP 240 on the Models page.

2/7/2012 - Added the "Sale Items" section and put up a few trumpets/cornets for sale

2/1/2012 - Added a few more pictures on the Trumpet Models page -
--- LP 11, LP 212, LP 224, and LP 244

1/5/2012 - Fixed a screwed up entry on the Serial Numbers page - I had the year 1919 obviously wrong.

12/30/2011 - Trumpet Models page
Pictures of 10-22r and 2.
Added a 2nd picture of model 205 this one is silver.
Added Model 228 "Lightweight 400" and a picture.
Also added a new Buescher Logo to the top of the models page.

12/21/2011 - Trumpet Models Page gets a few more pictures and I added model 12 (which was missing from the list)

12/20/2011 - Trumpet Models Page - Added a FEW more trumpet model numbers that I found listed on the internet and I began putting pictures up on this page. Bell Logo Page - Added a Table and began placing Pictures on it.

12/9/2011 - Trumpet Model page started - listing what models of Buescher Trumpets I have come across on the internet and through forum posts.
- some corrections and additions added to Serial Numbers page

12/5/2011 - Home page,Serial Number page, and Contact page up and running Links to Bell Logos, Articles, Trumpet Models, Buescher History, and Links lead to "under construction" pages

12/2/2011 - Site hosted and initial page goes live

12/1/2011 - Purchase of


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