Buescher "Super 400" T160

Sold from about 1956 to 1963

Was sold in 2 "flavors" the T160 Super 400 with "Special Bell" and the T160 Super 400 with Brass Bell

During this time period, Buescher started doing alterations to the Models without changing the model numbers as they had in years passed, so it is possible to see wide variety of difference between trumpets of the same model between years.


Sound Description: "The Super 400 is definitely a fun horn to play – big, fat sound with lots of dark overtones to it. It responds nicely when playing soft, and will light up with a huge broad sound when played loud. " -Wondra (TrumpetHerald / TrumpetMaster)



1959 Buescher Catalog Ad for the A-160



Here is a T160 Super 400 with a Brass bell and a rarely seen Buescher 1st trigger



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