Buescher 280 Flugelhorn

** If you have a Buescher 280, I am VERY interested in buying one. I need more information about them and really want to add one to my Buescher collection - contact me at BuescherTrumpets@gmail.com

Sold from early 1920s to 1950s (?)

Bell diameter is about 5 3/4 inches

In 1931, Buescher said this about the Flugelhorn

"The Buescher True-Tone Fluegl Horn is similar in appearance and fingers the same as the cornet, but it has a larger bore and larger bell branch which give it a bigger and rounder tone. The tone is onef a sweet mellow character and is very pleasing to listen to. It is used in both band and orchestra to add tone color, and blends beautifully with other brasses, reed and string instruments. Some directors use it to double the first cornet part, while others use it on second and third cornet parts. It is 15 1/4 inches long and is made in Bb only."


Sound Description: "4th line D a little flat, low D and C# can be lipped in. The sound is big and bold and resonant as all heck. It doesn't do "fluffy" worth a darn." -VetPsychWars TrumpetMaster.com

Pertaining to the Original mouthpiece of the flugel " the piece it originally came with and a very deep V cornet piece made it fluffier. But if you lean on it, you're going to get a strong core sound from this horn." -VetPsychWars TrumpetMaster.com

The next 5 pictures are courtesy of Entrancing1 (Nan Abbott - who sadly passed away in 2014) on Trumpetmaster - 1926 Buescher Flugelhorn (with replacement Finger Buttons)



The next picture is courtesy of VetPsychWars on TrumpetMaster.com - Buecher Flugelhorn approx 1941


and this little gem is a 1938 Buescher Flugelhorn (in not great shape) with it's original case






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