Buescher 244 Custom Built Aristocrat

Sold throughout most of the 1950s

The 244 model appeared in the 1950s with hexagonal valve caps (tops and bottoms) and with the 3rd slide on the left side of the trumpet (from the players perspective). Prior to this almost all trumpets Buescher produced had the 3rd slide in a "reverse wrap" format (to the right of the main slide). This model also features the trombone style water keys.

Michael Bondi provided pictures below and tells me that this particular horn has a bore of .470", it also has an "X" under the serial number which we don't know the meaning behind. - Was the a factory returned horn? Does it have a different bore from other model 244s? Was it customized in some way? We don't know.


Sound Description: ?






Picutres provided by Michael Bondi










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