Buescher 232 - 230 - 234 "Aristocrat" Trumpet

Introduced in 1930 as the "NEW" Aristocrat, this model morphed into 2 other model by the time the 1935 catalog rolled out. The 230 "Small Bore", the 232 "Medium Bore" and the 234 "Large Bore" (which would be considered more Medium Large today) versions. All 3 model numbers are gone by about 1937 as the 220 model comes into existance. These 3 models are often refered to as "PeaShooters" as they are about 20" in length with a super narrow wrap. 4.25" bell and weighing in at 2 pounds and 6 ounces.



Sound Description: coming soon



1930 Buescher Catalog

1935 Buescher Catalog

Pictures of a 234 provided by Axelip (aka TrueTone on Flickr) more shots of this trumpe can be found here

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