Buescher 205 Aristocrat

Sold from about 1942 to 1949


Sound Description: "The tone - well, let me just say that this thing is darker than my Taylor, darker than my Recording, darker than any of my 3 Committees. I mean, it's MIDNIGHT, NO MOON DARK. It doesn't have the Committee vibe going on - and I like my 400 better, although it's not as dark - but if sweet and DARK is what you are looking for, look no further. " PakWaan (TrumpetMaster post 7/18/2011)

"So dark it sucks the light out of the room" VetPsychWars (TrumpetHerald post 6/28/2011)


Other Notes:
Mouthpieces with large throat and backbore allow this horn plays pretty dark. Using a tighter mouthpiece brightens it up.

"bottom-sprung valves with very long pistons. My theory is that the longer the piston surface, the more likely that the valves are fast and tight" -VetPsychWars

You don't have to blow hard to play loud on this model


Photos below from Mcb3lly's flicker page -- more pictures here as well.



Axelip's Flickr page also features an assortment of LP 205 pictures featured here.


VetPsychWar had an LP 205 completely redone including a custom lacquer job... in sweeeeet Candy Apple Red! Here's what it looks like -